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Wine is Love

Saint Valentine (Italian: San Valentino), officially Saint Valentine of Terni, is a widely recognised third-century Roman Saint,  commemorated on February 14 since the High Middle Ages and associated with a tradition of courtly love. Terni is a city in Umbria, 65 miles from Rome, so there must be some truth about the Italians being the most romantic nation in the world.

So, with this feast day just around the corner, you should be on the hunt for that perfectly romantic bottle to share with your loving partner. Rather than reaching for your usual weeknight vino, take the romance up a notch by choosing from one of these romantic bottles to set the mood. Light some candles, pop the cork, and get to sipping, because nothing says “I love you” quite like a bottle of romantic wine.

Given the connection with Italy, you’ve got to start the evening off with a bottle of Italian bubbly. Nothing’s more fashionable that Prosecco at the moment; however you have to trade up. Go for a premium wine such as Sartori Efro Spumante Prosecco Brut (Spumante just means sparkling and Brut indicates that the wine is dry). This beautiful ornate bottle will really show your loved one how much you value them. The wine is effervescent and exploding with peach and pear fruits, finishing with a soft refreshing fizz.

If you’re partner prefers pink, it’s got to be Riondo Pink Frizzante (Frizzante means fizzy). This brightly coloured bottle just screams “I Love You”; full of light strawberry and raspberry fruits, it’s perfect with a few chopped strawberries in the glass.

After the bubbly, you can move onto a zingy zesty Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand ‘Made in Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc’, sure to get the senses tingling.

And for the main event, it’s got to be Chocolate Box (Dark Chocolate) Shiraz. Wine and chocolate all in one bottle, what could be more romantic?

This Decanter Bronze award winner Shiraz is a fantastic example of Barossa Valley Shiraz. Strong aromas of coffee, chocolate, blackberries and spice fill the glass, supported with sweet vanilla oak. A long, silky, smooth finish awaits all, rich and full bodied, just the way your loved one should be. Serve it alongside that perfectly cooked steak and you’re certain to be on a promise.

Always finish with something sweet, this way your breath will be cleared of all that garlic and fatty foods and you’ll be ready for some tongue-to-tongue action. Try a small drop of Nederburg Late Harvest Dessert wine with your Strawberry Pavlova.

If you haven’t rekindled the romance after all that, then unfortunately you need relationship counselling.

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