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The Beaver has Landed

Matthew Fitzpatrick, On Trade Key Account Manager, United Wines

Is it just me or is 2019 running away from us? With time moving this quickly, there is no room for a company that is going to stand still, and that is definitely something United Wines cannot be accused of doing. So here I am to shamelessly plug yet another fantastic new product we are adding to our portfolio; let me introduce – Beavertown.

Now, as I’m sure you’re aware, Beavertown isn’t actually a new product, far from it; in fact, it began life in 2011 when founder Logan Plant (son of Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant) took his inspiration from brews from around the world and set up a 650L Brew House in the back of his BBQ restaurant in London. It’s come a long way since then.

Fast forward to 2018, and after the creation of many iconic brews, hours of hand bottling, huge expansions in production, and the design of some of the coolest cans I think I have ever seen, a £40m minority stake is purchased by HEINEKEN, which allows the guys the opportunity to make their dream of a 450,000-hectolitre ‘Beaverworld’ facility a reality.

So what does this mean for your business? Firstly, with consumers globally seeking quality over quantity evidenced by growth in premium and super premium categories, eg the gin phenomenon, Beavertown presents a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on this. Personally when I go out for a pint or two after work on a Friday, I want to savour the experience, try something different and, if that means spending an extra pound or two, then so be it.

That desire to ‘try something different’ appears to be at the front of most consumers’ minds now more than ever, with some utterly determined to seek out the next quirky craft creation to enjoy but also to show off to their mates – and what better way to show off to as many mates as possible than on social media.

We all know how much of an obsession sharing our lives on social media has become; the quest to let everyone know just how much fun we are having all the time. And the platform that appears to be stealing a march on others is Instagram – their active users grew by 200 million between 2017 and 2018. So, as a business, it is becoming ever more important to be posting regular, interesting content while also giving consumers a reason to post while in your outlet and, guess what, Beavertown does just that.

The artwork used on the Beavertown can range has become something of an icon all on its own, with fans of the brand paying top whack just to own a t-shirt that has the Gamma Ray space man on it.

I challenge you to find me something more instagrammable than these images. And not to worry purveyors of fine draught beer, the Beavertown glassware we have looks just as cool as the cans.

Good news for you seasoned beer drinkers out there, Beavertown really does offer the total package. Not only does the product look fantastic but the taste profile of the range available through United Wines is diverse enough to tick all the boxes. Gamma Ray is rammed with juicy malts, huge tropical aromas and packed full of American hops; you could really sip on this beauty all day.

Neck Oil started its life as a home brew, you can kick back, relax and appreciate this crisp, easy drinking, any day, any time IPA. And last but not least, Beavo. Inspired by German and Czech pilsners, this is a light, easy drinking lager made with pilsner malt and bright floral noble German Hops. Try one, try them all, pick your favourite and come back for more.

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