Whitley Neill Quince Gin


The aroma of fresh stone fruits appears immediately, gently followed by hints of juniper and citrus zest. The distinctive flavour of quince dominates the palate, giving way to the sweetness of apricots and peaches.

A taste for adventure and discovery runs through all eight generations of the Whitley Neill family tree.

So it should come as no surprise that at the turn of the century, Frederick Neill found himself on a voyage through Persia, where he discovered a range of exotic fruit, herbs and spices to add inspiration to the Greenall Whitley family’s collection of Gin recipes.

While there, he was surprised to discover quince fruits growing in the ancient mountains. And it’s the unmistakable sweet tang of Turkish quince, blended with a heady mix of Persian herbs and spices that gives Whitley Neill Quince Gin its distinctive, alluring taste.

PERFECT SERVE: Whitley Neill Persian Cooler

Ingredients: 50ml Whitley Neill Quince Gin
35ml cloudy apple juice
10ml elderflower cordial
10ml fresh lime juice
10ml fresh lemon juice
1 slice of cucumber and wedge of lemon

Method: Prepare a highball glass half filled with ice. Add gin, cucumber water, lime and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker. Shake hard and pour into highball glass. Garnish with slice of cucumber and a wedge of lemon.


Ingredients: 50ml Whitley Neill Quince Gin
Lamb & Watt Cucumber Tonic Water
1 wedge of lime

Method: Add gin to a balloon glass half-filled with ice. Top with Lamb & Watt Cucumber Tonic Water and garnish with a wedge of lime.

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