Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin


Bright, zesty aromas head up a clean, citrus Gin. A sweet fruit burst of Sicilian Blood Oranges offers a smooth crisp taste of the Mediterranean sun.

A passion for discovery runs through all eight generations of the Whitley Neill family tree.

So it’s perhaps fitting that while honeymooning in the beautiful Sicilian countryside, Frederick Neill and his new wife fell in love all over again, this time with the vibrant, zesty flavour of Sicilian blood oranges.

Using his finely-honed distilling skills Freddy strove to create a gin recipe that would evoke the memories of his Sicilian honeymoon. And it’s this recipe that lead to the creation of Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin, developed with mixologist and bartenders in mind, and is a great base for classics such as Negroni, Gimlets and Sours.

PERFECT SERVE: Sicilian Sunrise

Ingredients: 50ml Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin
50ml fresh orange juice
10ml runny honey
1 slice of orange or dehydrated orange wheel
Orange zest

Method: Add gin, juice and honey to a cocktail shaker and then shake hard and double strain the liquid. Pour into a martini or coupe glass. Garnish with orange zest or a dehydrated orange wheel.


Ingredients: 50ml Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin
Lamb & Watt Hibiscus Tonic Water
2 Dehydrated orange wheels

Method: Add gin to a balloon glass half-filled with ice. Top with Lamb & Watt Hibiscus Tonic Water and garnish with the orange wheels.


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