SangSom is one of the largest selling spirits brands in Thailand today. Despite being known in Thailand as “Thai Whisky”, it is actually rum. The premium quality Thai rum is distilled, aged and blended at the SangSom Distillery in the Nakhon Pathom Province of Thailand. 1982 and 1983 saw SangSom consecutively awarded with Gold Awards for taste in both Madrid and Dusseldorf. With these gold medals proudly displayed on each SangSom label, the brand is now widely known among consumers as “SangSom Rianthong”, meaning SangSom Gold Medal. It can be enjoyed straight but also mixes well and is a common ingredient in many a cocktail. In fact, it is a great favourite in the Khaosan Road area of Bangkok where tourists combine SangSom and a mixer in a small bucket with ice, complete with a straw for each drinker – a lovely way to share the taste of SangSom!

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