McGuigan Black Label Chardonnay

Region: South Eastern Australia
Colour : Pale golden
Aroma : Rich stone fruit aromas of apricot and white peach are a feature of this wine, nicely complemented with a touch of honey.
Palate: This is a flavoursome wine with a soft, smooth creamy palate. It has the great sweet tropical fruit and melon flavours of chardonnay with a touch of caramel oak. The flavours integrate nicely in the mouth and result in a lingering clean finish.
Food Pairing:  A versatile wine which makes a great Accompaniment to most food, in particular cream based pasta and succulent roast chicken dishes.
Notes: Chardonnay is the world’s favourite grape variety with its long popularity stemming from itsversatility. As a variety it takes well to oak or can produce unwooded fruit styles which, depending on the wine can be drunk while young or develops further with age. It’s versatility also extends to food matching which makes it a great accompaniment to most meals. Harvested at night, the chardonnay was crushed and pressed and the resultant juice was clarified. Fermentation was conducted in stainless steel tanks using a select yeast strain. Light use of oakhas added creaminess and vanillin, giving the wine more depth and weight.
Tech: Alc 12%