JJ Whitley Potato Vodka


As a child, J.J. Whitley would have spent much of his time playing in the expansive gardens and natural hedgerows of his vicarage homes. As he grew older, the home-grown fruit and vegetables of the British garden became the staple of his kitchen table, preserving pots, and later, his gin and vodka recipes, which have a variety of flavoured variants.


An almost dairy-like creaminess, with lingering crunch of green apple.

SIGNATURE SERVE: The Hereford Grape Cooler

Ingredients: 50ml J.J. Whitley Potato Vodka, 100ml quality tonic water, 3 white grapes (halved), 6 mint leaves.

Method: Fill a highball with cubed ice, add the J.J. Whitley Potato Vodka and tonic water. Add the grapes and mint leaves before stirring thoroughly. Garnish with a final sprig of mint.