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Sitting in Gatwick Airport writing this article, surrounded by multiple nationalities makes me think, with all the amazing wines produced all over the world, why are we such creatures of habit? Are we simply subjected to great marketing, conformity or is it just laziness? With all the interesting wines out there why do we continually revert back to Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Shiraz? I believe that with these easy, uncomplicated, fruit driven wines we may know exactly what we’re getting, but are we missing out on so much more?

I am returning from the London Wine Fair where I’ve just picked up some stunning new and above all interesting wines that are exploding with soft, rich, ripe fruit and all a complete joy to drink.

Vega Douro 2013, Portugal

This amazing Portuguese red is made from the traditional port grapes of Touriga National, Tinto Roriz and Tinto Franca. These are big, ripe, dark grapes which produce a lush, rich, full bodied but very smooth wine.

“Delicious intense fruit with a complex and elegant finish,” João Paulo Martins; Vinhos de Portugal 2016; this wine will really liven up your summer BBQ’s.

Passo Sardo Vino Rosso, Sardinia, Italy

Passo Sardo is crafted according to the deepest wine tradition of Sardinia, using Cannonau, Carignano, Bovale Sardo grapes (bet you haven’t heard of them before), cultivated on this fascinating and mysterious island where vines have grown for centuries. Here, the best part of the crop from the foremost vineyards is selected to dry naturally on the plant. It is then harvested and fermented separately, and then blended with the rest of the wine. This “secret” of the tradition, handed down from generation to generation in Sardinia, allows for a complex, fine wine with a long lifespan.

Tempus Regit Monastrell, Spain

This is another huge wine from Southern Spain. As regular readers you’ll know that Monastrell is also Mourvedre in France, responsible for the robust, long lived yet wildly fruit driven wines from Southern France. In Spain the results are equally as impressive. Dark coloured with lots of black forest fruits on the nose, so full on and chewy you’ll need a knife and fork. Get the T-Bone on the BBQ.

So do me a favour, I’ve endured hours of tasting to bring you these wines, get outside your comfort zone and give them all a try. I know you won’t be disappointed, trust me, I’m The Wine Wizard.

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“Any man that could lay under these vines with his family all around him and not feel total contentment, is incapable of happiness” James Busby

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