Slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking (modern slavery) is an area of huge concern in all sectors, regions and economies throughout the world.  United Wine Merchants Limited and subsidiaries, including United Wine Merchants IRL Limited realise the importance of protecting the human rights of all workers within our supply chain.  We are committed to the highest standards of business conduct, ethical behaviour and integrity in everything we do.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps taken by us to ensure that our business and supply chains are free of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our Business

United Wine Merchants Limited incorporating HEINEKEN NI is a dedicated Agency led wholesale business within the Licensed Trade servicing the entire On and Off Trade.  We have a diverse portfolio of established beer, wine and spirits from all over the world.

Based in Craigavon with a 75,000 sq foot warehouse and 7,000 sq foot office, United Wines employs 60 people in the local area.  As a subsidiary of Heineken Ireland we supply all Heineken products to the Northern Ireland market and as part of the Heineken network which operates worldwide, we believe we should take responsibility for our actions and clearly communicate what we expect from our suppliers.

Our Supply Chains

The majority of our products and services are sourced within the UK, however we have a number of products which are also sourced from different regions in the world including the EU, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  All products are purchased as finished and packaged products with no further production or packaging onsite.

Our Supply chains include third party suppliers of goods and services for our on trade, off trade and commercial operations.  These include, amongst others, suppliers of the following goods and services:

Business and Supply Chain Policies on Modern Slavery

We respect and safeguard human rights and have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking.  Our Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Policy clearly sets out our commitment to act ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships.  The Policy has been designed to help ensure transparency in our own business and highlight our commitment to tackling modern slavery and human trafficking throughout our supply chains.  We require all persons working for us, as well as our contractors, suppliers and other business partners, to read, understand and comply with the Policy.  The Management Team has overall responsibility for ensuring that the Policy complies with our legal and ethical obligations, and that all those under our control comply with it.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct, which forms part of the Heineken’s Code Of Business Conduct, reinforces our commitment to ensuring modern slavery is not taking place anywhere in our supply chains.  This is a key element of our respect for human rights and we are committed to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to tackle modern slavery.  We expect our suppliers to adhere to the Code and incorporate it into their own business practice.

Due Diligence and Risk assessment

We understanding that our biggest exposure to modern slavery is in our supply chains, we have carried out detailed due diligence on key suppliers to ensure the risk of modern slavery is minimised in this area.  By understanding our product and service suppliers we can assess where there may be the greatest risk to modern slavery.  Our main aim is to identify and mitigate risk, as part of this process we will contact key suppliers to outline our requirements in this area and reinforce the important role they play in ensuring we deliver on our commitments.

We encourage a culture of openness within our business and will support anyone who raises concerns about any issue or suspicion of modern slavery or human trafficking in any parts of our business or supply chains.

Violation of the policy by employees may result in disciplinary action, up to and including, dismissal.  We may terminate any contract and cease to do business with suppliers who fail to comply with the policy.

Training for Staff

To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business, we provide training to members of our procurement team.  Our targeted training ensures that our employees recognise and understand how to mitigate the risks within our supply chains.

Measuring Effectiveness

This statement constitutes our modern slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31 December 2020.  We understand the complex nature of modern slavery and commit to continue to assess the effectiveness of the measures we take and will regularly review and refine our policies and procedures in relation to modern slavery and human trafficking including:

This statement has ben approved by the Management Team of United Wine Merchants Limited.  A revised statement, detailing steps taken and improvements made, will be published on our website each year www.unitedwines.co.uk.




Martin McAuley

Managing Director, for and on behalf of United Wine Merchants Limited

Date: 30/11/2021

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